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Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture has been used for centuries as a means to prevent illness. It is used to address both acute and chronic conditions ranging from physical injury to systemic issues. By working with the body's powerful systems it  improves the body’s ability to function optimally and promotes its self-healing properties. Acupuncture is used to address each particular person's need for healing. We have two skilled practitioners at The Koa Clinic, Erin Heidrich , LAc and Dr Nina Hamid, LAc.


Some conditions that can be benefitted by Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are: 

  • Pain, swelling and inflammation

  • Injury recovery and athletic performance 

  • Fatigue, chronic stress and anxiety

  • Painful, heavy and irregular menstruation

  • Difficulty getting pregnant

  • Digestive disorders and detox support

  • Migraine and chronic headache

  • And many more...

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