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Please see below for the current list of insurance plans accepted at the Koa Clinic.

For Naturopathic Medicine (Dr. De Soto)

  • HMSA PPO - Coverage only for patients establishing primary care. Most plans are covered, but check eligibility by calling HMSA and asking about naturopathic doctors, or looking up "Dr Corinne Maul De Soto."  

  • HMAA - Select plans with the alternative medicine rider- closed to new patients at this time

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield - To determine eligibility call HMSA Blue Card dept. and click on "I'm already an HMSA member."

  • Please note that HMSA HMO, Quest and Akamai Advantage plans are NOT eligible for naturopathic primary care.


For Integrative Primary Care (Kimberley Schueler, APRN)

  • HMSA HMP, PPO, Akamai Advantage and Quest

  • UHA

  • HMAA

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Medicare

For Integrative Specialty Care (Allison White, APRN)

  • UHA

  • HMAA

  • Medicare


For Acupuncture

    Erin Heidrich L.Ac

  • HMSA and Kaiser plans with alternative medicine benefits

  • TriWest - For Veterans

  • Auto Injury (MVA)

  • Worker's Compensation

  Dr. Nina Hami,  Acupuncturist

  • HMSA ​ and Kaiser plans with alternative medicine benefits​

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Insurance (MVA) ​

  • Worker's Compensation Insurance​

  • No Fault/Personal Injury Protection​

  • Wellcare by 'Ohana Health Medicaid (PCP Referral Necessary)​

  • AlohaCare Advantage Plus Medicare (PCP Referral Necessary)

   To verify your insurance coverage,

            please go to



As a courtesy, we will make every effort to help determine eligibility.

However, it is your responsibility to call your insurance provider to verify your benefits!

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