Optimal Health is Your Birthright

We, at the Koa Clinic of Integrative Healing, are a team of practitioners who
collaborate together to help each client live a life they love living. We offer a full
spectrum of health services to support body, mind and spirit to reach each client’s
goals. We believe that “it takes a village,” and our team-based model provides both
education and access to the highest quality integrated care leading to empowered
individuals and a healthier community.

cupping massage

cupping massage

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Herbal, alternative medicine, water drop

Herbal, alternative medicine, water drop

Natural medicine and healing with herbs and supplements.

Water Ripple

Water Ripple




& Functional


Chinese Medicine

Clinic Hours

Updated COVID19 protocol: By Appointment Only, no walk-ins

Practitioner hours are variable: Monday-Saturday 9am-4pm

Front Desk Phone and Text hours: Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

Front desk and practitioner hours can be variable and visits are by appointment only.


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Vitamin IV & Shots

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy